Expense Policy

Date Approved: May 2021
Next Review: May 2022
Version: 1.1

1. INTRODUCTION / STATEMENT OF PURPOSE This policy applies to all employees of DScience LTD as of May 2020. It is a framework that covers how an employee can claim and be reimbursed for reasonable and authorised expenses that are incurred while doing business for Our Company.  
As an employee and colleague we expect you to: Behave honestly, responsibly, and within the guidelines of this policy (e.g. keep costs low) Submit expenses as soon as possible and with enough details to explain why you’ve made the purchase Keep all receipts and provide VAT receipts (not just credit card slips) so we can reclaim VAT and because HMRC requires them. manager, we expect you to: Check that purchases comply with the policy Approve them promptly
Ensure they’re claimed promptly. If employees don’t comply with policy, we can delay reimbursement or reject claims. Persistent or deliberate non- compliance may result in disciplinary action. 
3. FRAUD, BRIBERY & CORRUPTION Our Company has a zero tolerance approach to briberyin compliance with relevant anti-bribery laws in all the regions in which we operate. Offering or accepting a bribe, or behaving corruptly in anticipation of a bribe or advantage is not acceptable. 
A) TRAVEL- RELATED EXPENSES The following travel-related expenses can be claimed: Mobile phones and internet connectivity: Use free wi-fi whenever possible but only through the company supplied VPN when conducting company business. Reasonable internet connectivity charges can be added to a hotel bill unless already part of the negotiated rate. Air, rail and road travel: All bookings should be made in economy/standard class (unless you can beat the price by booking early, in which case higher classes are acceptable). Mileage: You can claim up to 45p/mile – but MUST include VAT receipts dated on or before the purchase of petrol to cover the cost. You must also be insured for using your car for business purposes. Taxis: Always try to use public transport instead of taxis (unless you are in an unsafe area or are carrying expensive equipment). Always keep a receipt that includes the date. You can’t claim trips from work to home. Car hire: You can rent cars overseas if it’s more cost-effective than taking public transport (or if it’s not practical or public transport isn’t available). 
B) ADDITIONAL TRAVEL- RELATED EXPENSES The following travel-related expenses are acceptable and will be reimbursed: Baggage (no more than 2 bags) and advanced-seat bookings Parking Foreign currency charges Visas Tips (up to 15% – unless already included in the bill) The hire/use of a GPS with hired cars in unfamiliar locations. 
C) ACCOMMODATION Hotels: Book hotels using either online or directly.The average price-to-beat for a hotel room is £130 generally, £160 for an inner-city rate and £190 for London hotels. 0You are responsible for all hotel cancellations. Per diems: These cover costs for meals when away from the office on business. Only claim these in countries where individual expenses are not normally reimbursable (e.g. Germany). Rates should be set in line with local legislation. Duty of care: This is important! Always inform others of your overnight location so we can comply with Duty of Care requirements. Tell your line manager (or a team-member if they’re away). 
D) FOOD & ENTERTAINMENT You can claim for meals while staying overnight, or if travelling for business before 7am or after 7pm and are away from the office for more than half a day. The maximum spend limits are: Hotel breakfast – £15 Other breakfast – £10 Lunch – £15 Dinner (including 1 alcoholic drink) – up to £30. Client meals/entertainment costs may be higher. All entertainment claims must include a business reason and the name and company of all attendees – even those who work for Our Company. This ensures we comply with the UK Bribery Act and also helps us apply the right VAT treatment. Alcoholic drinks will only be reimbursed if consumed with a meal. 
E) OTHER EXPENSE TYPES The following expenses are acceptable and Our Company employees will be reimbursed for them. Professional membership fees (where relevant to your profession and agreed with your line manager) Postage for business purposes Annual eye-testing fees Visas Agency booking fees. 
F) EXCEPTIONS The following travel-related expenses will not be reimbursed. 

Credit, debit and charge card fees (including interest, annual costs) 
Laundry service/dry-cleaning (unless trip is longer than 4 nights) 
Mini-bar contents 
Movies/videos, newspapers 
Parking fines 
The loss/theft of goods 
Childcare or petcare 
Any personal elements Damage to personal vehicles 
Spa and health/fitness clubs 
Clothes Flowers, sweets, confectionary 
Birthday cakes or cards for employees 
Tourist attractions* 
Bar bills*

*You can claim these if the event is part of client entertainment. 

There might be other things that we won’t pay for, so make sure you explain the business reason for each claim.