AI Custom Solutions

"AI has matured rapidly in the past few years and is now able to solve problems which were previously too difficult for computers." - Amjad Karim, CEO, D|Science.

This is making it cost-effective to use it in situations when in the past it wasn’t. Potential application areas for AI are broad and numerous; this is both a blessing and a curse. Machine vision in particular is a particularly promising area benefiting from developments in deep learning neural networks and computing power.

The Problem

Businesses still struggle to understand what is possible. As potential use cases are so broad and numerous, it is very difficult to separate fact from hype. Their leadership isn’t well equipped to understand and evaluate the landscape and choose the right projects in the first place.

Many do not have the in-house technical expertise to deliver an AI project even when they do there is still the problem of deployment to solve i.e. how do you get a model to interact with a process given legacy systems, processes and skills. Even with a good project and skilled staff,  preparing the required training data sets to train AI algorithms is  still time and resource intensive.

Our Solutions

Explore Workshops
  • Interested in deploying AI 
  • Doesn’t know where to start
  • Help select candidate projects
  • Provide a framework to move towards AI
  • Evaluation and strategy

2-3 day education and exploration


2 x Keen AI FTE, including:
1 x Senior Keen AI Technical
1 x Facilitator



AI Rapid Prototyping - Just 7 Weeks
  • A clear business problem that can use AI to deliver real business results
  • An initial Proof of concept entry point into AI
  • Prove out a possible use case
  • Looking for a focused delivery partner

Outcome focused 7 week delivery of working PoC


3 x Keen AI FTE, including: 
1 x ML and Back End
1 x Front End
1 x PM



We combine AI with your process expertise for improved efficiency and outcomes.