We combine AI with your process expertise to reduce costs and increase revenues.

We Are DScience

Our Products and Services

We create products and services where skilled process experts are augmented with machine learning and AI. Achieving more together, than either could on its own.

Keen AI

Keen AI uses Machine Vision to process video and images at scale, extracting objects of interest as well as determining their state

We Can Help You

We work with organisations across industries to rapidly prototype and deploy solutions that increase process efficiencies, reduce manual labour, augment expertise and reduce costs. We use AI and Machine Learning to do this, unlocking real value for your business or organisation.

We guarantee functional, usable business outcomes rather than a set of technical deliverables which may not deliver the intended benefits.

We put time in a box

We ensure success by deliberately time-boxing a project into five weeks, agreeing deliverables, resourcing, data availability and platforms before project kick-off.

Crack team, highly skilled

We keep our project teams deliberately small. This helps ease communication, and ensures clear lines of responsibility with no overlap.

Usable Outputs

We agree project outputs. Web Apps, APIs or coaching your data scientists and handing over.

On-demand cloud analytics

Projects can be supported by our cloud, with visualisation, modelling, machine learning, data connectors and processing libraries pre-built. Hosted in AWS or Microsoft Azure for security.

We combine AI and Machine Learning with your process expertise to increase efficiency, improve outcomes, and reduce costs. Talk to us today and discover how we can help.